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As the premier provider of urologic care in Southern Nevada, the board-certified urologist at Las Vegas Urology specializing in providing comprehensive treatment for prostate cancer at our prostate cancer center in Las Vegas, NV. By utilizing the latest in technology at our very own state-of-the-art prostate cancer center we are able to provide patients with the best in care tailored to them and their symptoms. Learn more about your treatment options and call our prostate cancer center at (702) 385-4342 to schedule your consultation today.

What is Prostate Cancer?

As one of the most often diagnosed cancers in all of the United States, prostate cancer undeniably affects millions of men even though they may not be diagnosed with the condition until the cancer has progressed.

How is Prostate Cancer Diagnosed?

Because the symptoms of prostate cancer are non-specific, in most cases this form of cancer is first diagnosed during a routine prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test. Most patients with cancer of the prostate are treated with either surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy or a combination of one or more of those treatments.

How is Prostate Cancer Treated?

Prostate Cancer Surgery

The first line of attack against prostate cancer is usually surgery to remove the cancerous prostate gland. At Las Vegas Urology, we offer the latest advancements in prostate cancer surgery, including the da Vinci robotic surgical system.

The minimally-invasive da Vinci system uses precise, miniaturized robotic tools to remove tumors from the prostate. Tiny instruments are introduced through several small incisions and are controlled (not pre-programmed) by your surgeon from a nearby console. These high tech instruments are able to perfectly mimic the hand motions of the doctor.

The robotic system also provides a 3D, high-definition visualization of the prostate and adjacent tissues, giving your urologist a view of the surgical site that is far superior to that of the human eye.

Robotic surgery is a breakthrough in modern medicine and allows for more precision and control than surgeons have ever had when compared to “open” or traditional laparoscopic surgery. For prostate cancer patients, that means a greater assurance of the best outcome possible. It also means a better chance of avoiding side effects of more traditional approaches to surgery, such as impotence or urinary incontinence.

HIFU Prostate Cancer Treatment

HIFU is a precise and targeted therapy that reduces the risk of complications and impact to quality of life caused by surgery and radiation. HIFU uses ultrasound energy, or sound waves, to heat and destroy specifically targeted areas of tissue. During HIFU, the sound waves pass through healthy tissue without causing damage. However, at the focal point of the sound waves the tissue temperature rises rapidly to 90 degrees Celsius destroying the targeted tissue. The same principles are used when light is focused through a magnifying glass.

Radiation for Prostate Cancer

Las Vegas Urology also offers radiation therapy, including brachytherapy (internal radiation therapy) for the treatment of prostate cancer. During brachytherapy, tiny radioactive “seeds” the size of a grain of rice are implanted into the prostate. The implants deliver a low dose of radiation over a period of several months.

Chemotherapy for Prostate Cancer

Chemotherapy is not a standard treatment for most cases of prostate cancer, but can be useful in cases of advanced prostate cancer where the disease has metastasized to the bones, or when the cancer has not been responsive to more conventional hormonal therapy methods.

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