Las Vegas Urology Reviews

From Christina on August 19th 2017:
"I had a visit with Dr. Victor Grigoriev and let me just say that after seeing three other urologists for my problem, Dr Grigoriev took my case. He knew exactly what to do, he ordered a couple of tests then about a couple of weeks later I had surgery. I am the happiest ever, I feel brand new. I went from wearing 3 to 4 pads a day to none. I do not wake up at night and the best part I do not feel my prolapse! I love Dr. Grigoriev. I would recommend him to every woman that suffers from female incontinence or prolapse. He is definitely the best. I feel that the wait time can improve for some of us that are elderly and cannot sit too long, but for me I do not mind waiting HOURS to see my # 1 Doctor!!"